Mammoth Series

Mammoth undersuit – No Gravity top model

While designing Mammoth we took as a target to create the most breathable undersuit on the market. As a first layer, having direct contact with the skin, we chose Polartec® Power Dry®. Its task is to transport moisture from the skin and being the first thermal layer. As the main heat insulation we applied Climashield® Apex® . This material is recommended by Climashield ® for use in extreme sports as one of the best heat insulation available in the world. This material in addition to the better thermal properties than the similar materials of other manufacturers, has much greater durability and resistance to mechanical damage, so our undersuit will be much more durable than the products of other manufacturers. The last outer layer is the latest innovation in fabrics that protect against the weather - Polartec Neo Shell®. This is the first material combining excellent breathability, ventilation and stretch like in soft shell with water resistance. It colombin protection against wet weather and unprecedented breathability thanks to the dynamic air exchange.

-Winner Polartec® Apex Award.
- New Idea
- The most innovative underwear on the market
- The only one underwear in the world with membrane NeoShell
- The highest quality materials
- I nsulation Climashield Apex® - first used in clothing dive
- Thought out style: well-fitting retaining maximum comfort
- Breathable
- Windproof
- Waterproof
- Bag for underwear
- 20 basic sizes + sewing to measure.


Tech specs

Key features

  • Three Lay

    Three Lay

    The outer layer of Polartec ® NeoShell ®This is a new, best breathable and waterproof fabric hardshell type available on the market.In short, the fabric Polartec ® NeoShell ® is a perfect combination of water resistance and breathability.

    Insulation Climashield® Apex®for maximum heat at a relatively low weight.

    Climashield® APEX® is the lightest insulation available from the most

    efficient level of heat. Based on 25 years Insulation experience created insulation, which has 75% more loft and is 30% more efficient than any insulation fibers.

    With advanced technology Climashield® APEX® offers excellent thermal

    efficiency even whne wet, but does not impede the removal of moisture from the body.

    -Lining made of breathable knitted most of a whole range of brand Polartec ® -

    Polartec Power Dry ®. Materials Polartec ® Power Dry ® was created with that

    in mind, to ensure the comfort of the skin, keeping moisture away from her. All

    the types of two-component characterized by a patented design that uses two

    different types of yarns on both sides of the material. This results in two different

    areas: the first task is to transport moisture from the skin to the outer fabric, and

    the task of the second quick evaporation.

  • Special material for ribbings

    Special material for ribbings

    Sleeves and legs, and all stretch inserts are made of warm and breathable Polartec Power Stretch Pro®, just to minimize the heat losses of a body in every possible point of undersuit.

  • Special finish of the sleeves

    Special finish of the sleeves

    Rubber ribbons on the ends of sleeves to facilitate movement of gas to dry gloves.

  • Special finish of the legs

    Special finish of the legs

    Completed a large rubber legs, which is designed to prevent leg curl.

  • No Gravity bag

    No Gravity bag

    No Gravity bag in standard.

  • Tight clasp  stand-up collar at the neck

    Tight clasp stand-up collar at the neck

    Collar at the neck with velcro, with sewn insulation Climashield® Apex®.

  • 3 pockets

    3 pockets

    3 pockets, two on the thighs and a zippered left chest YKK zipper.

  • Openings on the sleeves

    Openings on the sleeves

    Openings on the sleeves to facilitate the release of gas from Undersuit.

  • Zipper


    Dual zipper YKK® and pleat to protect the zipper.

Files to download

Ikona PDF Size table No Gravity Download
Ikona PDF Instruction of preservation: Mammoth Download
Ikona PDF Technical specyfication of warming system: Polartec Neo Shell technology Download
Ikona PDF Special Individual Size :: Man Download
Ikona PDF Special Individual Size :: Woman Download
Ikona PDF Catalogue of products 2017 Download

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