Thermal Underwear

Perfectly suited for use as an extra layer of thermal protection during long dives in cold water, in

conjunction with appropriately chosen lining the drysuit provides high thermal comfort. Underwear

is also perfectly suited to wherever we need adequate protection from the cold.

- Made of Polartec® Power Strech Pro®
- Thought fit
- Very breathable
- Thermal additional layer
- Very warm
- Perfectly fitted
- Stretchy in four directions
- Black stitching.



Tech specs

Key features

  • Perfectly fitted

    Perfectly fitted

    Power Strech® Polartec® fabrics are characterized by a 4-way stretch and breathe very well. They maintain dryness in perspiration and provide warmth without weight. Produced from them the most versatile garments intended for outdoor sports and fitness facilities available on the market today. Many knitted characterized by a proprietary construction with two unique surfaces: a durable outer layer resistant to wind and abrasion and soft moisture-wicking inner layer of the body, persistent dry skin, providing warmth and comfort. Other knitted fabrics from this series is compressible stretch that improves the functionality of fabric and reduces the risk of certain types of damage. All knitted achieve excellent results in coping with environmental requirements interacting with the skin.

    Moisture and high humidity on the skin surface cause discomfort. With three mutually complementary mechanisms of Polartec® Power Stretch® eliminates moisture on the skin surface:

    - The material breathes well and does not restrict freedom of movement of water vapor.

    - "touch points" on the inner surface of the material absorbs moisture. Sweat is transported from the skin to the outer layer of material which is spread over a larger area and evaporated.

    - When the sweat reaches the outer layer material is spread on the surface many times larger, allowing drying times faster than cotton.


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